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Getting to know me

A few words about me and why I became a Therapist


My name is Louise Bowditch and I’m a nature-loving, coffee drinking (decaf natch) chatterbox who loves all things woo woo. I’m a creative soul, a recovering perfectionist and an ex-florist who’s still obsessed with flowers (true story!). I’m also a mum, wife, sister and friend … and a qualified and accredited Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist, IEMT Practitioner, Kinetic Shift Practitioner and SomaSense Practitioner.

I’ve written a few ‘About’ pages in my time and they never get any easier to write – they always seem a bit self-indulgent to me, but I’ve been told I still need one, so here I am.

My path to becoming a Hypnotherapist has been long and winding, with a few potholes and detours along the way … and with my flowery past it’s probably quite apt to call me a late bloomer! I used to look back at my eclectic career and think that I hadn’t really achieved anything professionally, but little did I know that in fact it is BECAUSE of my history, I am so well-placed to help others.

Most recently I have been a Menopause Advocate & Activist, doing my best to bust the myths and break the taboos surrounding the Big M. I also created the HOT STUFF Fan Fatale – an empowering hand-fan for ladies of a certain age. (You can buy one here!). And it’s this work that led me to study and qualify as a hypnotherapist.

The Edited Highlights

I’ve had hypnotherapy myself a couple of times during my life which I found very helpful to help me heal from trauma. I then completed a brilliant online programme based on hypnosis, which opened my eyes even more to the power of hypnosis.

However, it wasn’t until I was working in the menopause ‘arena’ did I discover that hypnotherapy is proven to be THE most effective holistic therapy in the treatment of stress management … and stress management is the SINGLE biggest factor in managing the menopause naturally. And for those women who can’t take HRT it can be a life-changer … and a life-saver.

Since then, I’ve discovered that hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help with SO many other issues too and is a brilliant way to look after your mental health and wellbeing whatever your age, gender or presenting issue.

Shortly after that, I discovered Kinetic Shift – a fantastic rapid transformation technique that helps you to bring positive change into your life quickly, without having to re-live past trauma or distressing events and it was my first introduction into learning hypnosis for the benefit of others. And then I was smitten!

I loved it so much I went on to enrol on a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Diploma offered by CPHT Hampshire – a very well respected training establishment, and went on to qualify, passing both my SFH Diploma, and after submitting my portfolio to the NCH, I was awarded my HPD (Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma).

I estimate I spent between 450 – 500 hours studying and working towards this qualification, so I do feel pleased and proud of myself. I LOVE learning and as a perpetual student I regularly attend Continual Professional Development trainings to keep up to date with the most recent research and findings. I’ve also studied with the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy and have now graduated and received their Professional Hypnotherapist Diploma, so have even more brilliant tools and techniques to us to help others take back their lives.

I have also added other tools to my therapist toolkit, including another powerful change technique called IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy). IEMT helps explore undesired and negative emotions and looks into how we learnt to feel and behave the way we do. It’s a fantastic tool that brings about true healing and the results can be life changing, especially for those who have experienced trauma. I have studied the importance of the mind / body connection in relation to unresolved emotions and trauma release and this is now an integral part of my work. 

Not only that but I have trained with the brilliant William Whitecloud and completed the entire Natural Success Curriculum, so not only can I facilitate powerful therapeutic change, I can show you how to tap into your inherent inner wisdom and help you create what you love. 

So I guess the upshot of my work is to ease the pain and suffering our minds can cause us, so PLEASE don’t continue to suffer in silence or struggle alone anymore. Get in touch with me either via my contact page here or book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call here to see how you can work with me to invite positive change in to your life. I can’t wait to help you discover the power of YOU by discovering the power of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Rapid Change therapies.

Louise xx

I can’t wait to help you discover the power of YOU!



Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Diploma (DSFH)

Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD)

Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma (PHD) – Jacquin Hypnosis Academy

Certified & Accredited Kinetic Shift Practitioner (UK Hypnosis Academy)

Certified & Accredited IEMT Practitioner

Certified & Accredited Somasense® Practitioner

Natural Success Training with William Whitelcoud

Raw Horizons Wellbeing Coach Training (Accredited by The Association for Coaching & NHS Personalised Care Institute)

Burrell Education 3rd Age Training (for Menopause)

Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (MNCH)

Member of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Member of the Jacquin Professional Hypnotherapy Association (JPHA)

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