Blended Transformational Therapy

Empowering you to create positive change.

What is Blended Transformational Therapy?

Blended Transformational Therapy is my own unique and bespoke approach using a powerful blend of proven brain based, progressive and leading-edge therapy techniques, enhanced by aspects of Nature Therapy.

I’ve developed this unique blend of therapies over the years as I’ve worked with clients and added to my knowledge and skills – tweaking and adjusting as I go to ensure the best results. This unique combination enables you to:

Learn how the brain works so you have a greater understanding of how anxiety is created and how you can alleviate it. (Added bonus – it will also improve your relationships as it helps you understand what’s going on other people’s brains!)

Identify the negative emotions and memories that are keeping you ‘stuck’ so you can create positive change

Acknowledge and mitigate the self-limiting beliefs and ‘stories’ you keep telling yourself so you can move forward with your life

Liberate yourself from the destructive patterns of previous unhelpful thinking, beliefs and behaviour so you can make new choices

Build resilience so you can cope with whatever life brings your way

Access your inner wisdom and resources so you can find your own solutions and reconnect to your true self

Take your power back by creating a toolkit of easy to implement and useful techniques to keep you on track so you can create a life you love

Develop a greater connection with the natural world around you to enhance your life experience and expand your consciousness.

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(SFH = Solution Focused Hypnotherapy | IEMT =  Integral Eye Movement Therapy | KS = Kinetic Shift)