From mid-life muddle and menopausal mess to your most marvellous life

Are menopausal symptoms ruining your life?

Let me help you get through!

Sometimes you feel like all you do is run around after everyone else; the kids, parents, friends etc. Everyone wants a piece of you. No wonder there’s no time or space left for you. You feel wrung out by life. Used up by work. Grumpy and Exhausted. 

But it doesn’t need to be like this. I can tell you that it won’t always be like this. I offer coaching to help support women exactly like you to cope and put killer strategies in place to get through this turbulent time!

I offer a 12-week coaching programme over two phases to help you come to terms with your situation and then make the longer-term, valuable changes you need.  But if 12 weeks doesn’t work for you, we can also bespoke something more ad hoc, shorter, longer, remote or other. Just get in touch to chat it through.


Coaching to fit around you!  

My 12 week coaching program is designed to take you from your mid-life mess, overwhelm and muddle to your most marvellous, happy life.

Together, we will work on putting you back in the driving seat of your life.


Here’s how we’ll work together:

Phase 1:  Fix the mid-life muddle


*Mid-life review – our first week sees us taking the time to reflect and ask such questions such as where you are now? What’s going on in your life? What’s going well, and what sucks? Then we’ll define and identify any particular areas of focus.

*Managing physical symptoms – support to get back in the driving seat of your health. This is all about identifying physical symptoms, taking responsibility for them and finding practical steps on how to manage them. Not only will you take action, but I will signpost you to other practitioners to get additional support if necessary.

*Mind set and mood – practical ways to help change your perspective and improve your self-confidence. This is an introduction to affirmations, meditation and mindfulness – and the power of reframing.

*Juggling life – finding ways to alleviate overwhelm and recognise the importance of structure and routine. It will also include tips on how to improve your physical environment (de-clutter).

*Communication and conversations – week 5 is all about finding ways to tell loved ones how you are feeling and what you are struggling with for better relationships and improved understanding.

*Progress review – this is all about celebrating your success so far and recognising how far you’ve come. Also an opportunity to clarify any topics so far.


Phase 2:  Create your most marvellous life


*Finding the magic – first steps towards bringing back your joie de vivre. Guidance on how to discover the dream, reinstate the joy and design your best life.  We’ll dig deep and define what your most marvellous life looks like to you. We’ll also be getting creative and designing your very own vision board.

*All aboard the (self) LOVE train! – in week 8 I will introduce you to the benefits of self-care and the importance of how good nutrition can help balance those pesky hormones.

*Mirror mirror on the wall – this week is all about our attitude to our bodies. We examine self-image, self-esteem and body acceptance and discuss society’s influence on our thinking around this super sensitive subject.

*Self-expression – we take a look at how our personal style can influence our mood and be a great way to express how we are feeling. And how creativity can reignite the joy in our lives.

*Your Most Marvellous Life Plan – our penultimate week is all about creating an action plan that will take you forwards into the coming months of marvellousness and the all-important magic!

*Making it happen – our last meeting is all about ‘reviewing … the situation’ and ensuring you have the opportunity to evaluate your progress a couple of weeks after your final session (week 11) to ensure that you have the confidence and the tools to continue the journey to your most marvellous life. It’s all about bringing in the changes, implementation and accountability. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a little celebration!


How is the course delivered?
12 x 1 hour private one to one sessions with me, conducted via video conferencing (Zoom).  Sessions 1 – 11 will be delivered one a week, consecutively if possible.  Session 12 will take place 2 weeks after session 11.
Can I pay in instalments?
Yes!  I have created an easy, interest free 3 part payment plan.  Payment must be made before each 4 week block of sessions via Paypal or Stripe. I will provide an invoice for each payment.
What do I need to ‘bring’ with me to my sessions?
You only need to bring an open mind, a good attitude to learning and a notebook and pen should you want to take notes.  And on the weeks you have ‘homework’, make sure you have that close at hand too.
Will the sessions be recorded?
No – our sessions will not be recorded.
Are you a medical practitioner?
Nope!  However, if I feel that you may benefit from medical intervention, I will signpost you/make suitable recommendations as to the kind of medical practitioner you may like to work with.
What happens if I can’t attend one of my sessions?
I will always do my best to be flexible and fit in around your commitments. A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given if possible.  Rearranging the session for the same week is discretionary and dependant on my schedule.
Can I share any program materials?
I’m afraid not.  All program material is subject to Copyright Law and cannot be shared without my written permission.



If you have any questions, please email