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Fan Fatale

Embrace the big M, own your ‘hotness’ and sizzle in all your glory… with the help of a fabulous hand fan!

Hot Stuff hand-held 100% eco-friendly fabric fan

Culturally, the subject of the menopause is still taboo, so I’m on a mission to revolutionise the way women experience it and create a movement to empower women to make the menopause world for them, and not against them. And to help promote my message, I designed a product to challenge the status quo.

I created Fan Fatale not only as a fierce and feisty hand fan that keeps you COOL and gets you SEEN but to rebel against society’s negative view of the big M and bust the myth that menopausal women need to hide. I even created a crowdfunder video (see below) to help spread the ‘M’ Word and to encourage women to own their ‘hotness’.

Currently, you can only purchase a single Fan Fatale design and colour-way, as per the imagery, but I am hoping to introduce more designs and colours (and maybe different products) in the future.

Fan Fatale is here to keep us cool … in a much cooler way than ever before, but the message is all about embracing our bodies. It’s about letting everyone know we are done with hiding and we are here to be seen and noticed in all our sizzling glory!

Fan Fatale 1
Fan Fatale 2
Fan Fatale 3

By buying a Fan Fatale you will be helping to spread The M Word, one hot flush at a time.
Thank you! 🔥

Here’s what you get when you buy a Hot Stuff hand-held fan from Fan Fatale:

  • Black and white hand-held fan
  • The words ‘HOT STUFF’ emblazoned in bold white ink across a solid black fabric background
  • 100% eco-friendly black cotton fabric
  • Made using traditional Japanese folding techniques (although it is anything BUT traditional!)
  • Measures 23cm when closed | 43 cm when fully open
  • Comes with own black organza carry pouch
  • The coolest way to combat hot flushes and show the menopause who’s boss
  • Feelings of empowerment and the confidence to admit you are one helluva hormonal hell-raiser!

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Hear all about ‘The Menopause Gets Cool’ crowdfunding campaign (October 2018) from Fan Fatale’s founder, Louise Bowditch.


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