Hot Mess to Hot Stuff 

On-line Course coming soon!

My Hot Mess to Hot Stuff on-line course is designed to take you from your midlife mess and overwhelm to your most marvellous, happy life. It’s not quite ready yet but the course outline is listed below, so read on …

Phase 1 – Fix the mid-life muddle

*Mid-life audit and Managing physical symptoms 101 Part 1  

*Managing physical symptoms 101 Part 2 

*Stress management 

*Mindset and mood


Phase 2 – Create your most marvellous life

*Mirror, mirror on the wall …

*Communication and conversations

*Finding the joy!

*Your Most Marvellous Life Plan and Reviewing … the situation

Each module will consist of worksheets and /or videos, including exercises to ensure that you get the most out of each topic.

You get all of the 8 modules (included in these are the pre and post review modules), delivered to you via email, covering all the above and more.

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How is the online course delivered?

Each module is delivered on-line via email and comes with a series of worksheets, videos and exercises.

What do I need?

You only need an open mind, a good attitude to learning and a notebook and pen should you want to make additional notes.

How do I pay?

Pre-payment is required for all courses and can be made via Paypal or Stripe.

Can I pay in installments?

I’m afraid not. All courses must be paid for in advance, in full.

What happens if I can’t complete one of the modules?

It’s not a problem if you’re unable to work your way through a module before another arrives, as you can take your time and complete the course at your own pace.

Can I share any course materials?

I’m afraid not.  All course material is subject to Copyright Law and cannot be shared without my written permission.

Are you a medical practitioner?

Nope!  However, I am a trained Wellbeing Coach and have studied the menopause in depth. I do advocate a variety of different therapies, both traditional and holistic, so may signpost you.



If you have any questions, please email