The M Word Hotline

The M Word Hotline has been created especially for you! So YOU can discuss things without feeling needy, without worrying if others think you are being a hypochondriac and most importantly, without suffering in silence.

Join the M Word Hotline and together we will find ways to help you cope with all that the menopause throws at you and discover ways to bring the joy back into your life.

Sometimes you just want to chat to someone who understands and won’t judge you.

How it Works

 When you sign up you’ll get access to a special email based helpline where you can contact me with your questions and share any menopausal challenges you’re facing.

Together we’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on and I’ll help you move forwards.

The helpline is accessed by email via your phone, laptop or tablet and I aim to get back to you within 36 hours.

The M Word Hotline is just £45 a month and includes up to 3 interactions with yours truly during any 30-day period.

Only £45 per month


How much does it cost?
The M Word Hotline costs just $47 per month for up to 3 interactions {although this will increase in the future.}
Am I tied into a contract?
No. I’m here for as long as you need me, but you can leave at any time – a months’ notice is all that is required.
How many questions can I ask per month?
You are entitled to 3 interactions per month.  Think of each interaction like having a chat over a cuppa or if you prefer, a glass of wine (or gin in my case) … Just be mindful though – we won’t be drinking the whole bottle, dancing on tables and coming home completely ruined at 6am the following morning!
Can we talk on the phone?
No, sorry! Questions are submitted via email / the online form. The M Word Hotline has been designed to run as efficiently as possible, to keep the cost down. However, if you think you’d like to talk things through, you might be better suited to booking a one-to-one coaching session or joining The M Word 12 week program.  Check it out here.
Are you a medical practitioner?
Nope!  However, if I feel that you may benefit from medical intervention or perhaps complementary therapies, I will signpost you/make suitable recommendations as to the kind of practitioner you may like to work with.



If you have any other questions about The M Word Hotline, please email

Get 2 hours free

The M Word Hotline is a brand new concept – so I understand you might not be sure if it’s right for you. Which is why I’m giving you the chance to check it out for FREE.

Yes, you read that right. 

 Give the M Word Hotline a test drive. Let’s chat! If you love it and feel supported then let’s continue and if not then I’ll bid you fond farewell (but will always be here if you need me).