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How Do I Work?

Find out what happens if you work with me.

Now I’m old school, so I really like to speak to any potential clients before working with them, so I encourage you to book a 30 minute Discovery Call so we can then have a chat about what has prompted you to get in touch and I can tell you a little bit more about how I work and what you can expect.

During the Discover Call we also discuss what therapies I think you may benefit from to ensure a bespoke, effective and long-lasting outcome, but regardless of what kind of sessions you choose, you will always have an Initial Consultation which usually lasts for about 90 minutes.

It enables us to get to know each other a little more and for you to ask any questions and expand on the issues you would like help with. It also gives me the opportunity to explain how the brain works. This enables you to understand why you might be struggling the way you are and helps to alleviate unhelpful feelings such as guilt, blame and shame.

It is difficult to predict how many sessions you will need as everyone’s circumstances are different, but to give you an idea, fears and phobias can require up to 4 sessions, depression or anxiety may require up to 8 sessions and addictions will probably require 10+ sessions. However smoking cessation takes place in a single 3 hour session.


Over the last year, all of my sessions have been conducted online regardless of the therapy given. This was to obviously to keep both my clients and me safe and well, and if I am honest – it’s my preferred way of working. There will always be those who will prefer face to face sessions however I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that experiencing therapy online is as safe and effective as experiencing it in-person. When we work online together, I have a duty of care to ensure your sessions are conducted safely and securely and I take that very seriously. I also have a comprehensive policy that I adhere to, which I share with you, along with Terms and Conditions etc. Working together online is very easy and really only requires you to have a stable internet connection and privacy so you are able to speak freely, without worrying that others will be able to overhear you. For all therapies I need to be able to see from about your waist upwards and for IEMT, you need to have good lighting, but all this is explained as and when necessary. I prefer to work using Zoom video conferencing software as it is very reliable and encrypted, however, I am flexible and can conduct sessions using WhatsApp video and FaceTime if necessary.


I am now in the lucky position to offer face to face appointments from my Therapy Office in Spaces, Whiteley, Hampshire (PO15 7AZ). Spaces offers a creative working environment where you can be assured of being able to ‘switch off’ from the stresses and strains of your busy life to carve out both time AND space to focus on you. There’s a lovely cafe in the lounge area should you wish to grab yourself a bite to eat or a cuppa before or after your session. It’s easily accessible from the M27 and has plenty of free parking. You simply press the Spaces button at the barrier and explain you have an appointment and someone will buzz you in (if you’re visiting outside of office hours, I will give you the access code). Once parked up, you make your way to the main reception where you can either call me to let me know of your arrival, or let the reception staff know and they will contact me. I will then come down to meet you and take you to my little office of calm for your session. It couldn’t be easier. Of course, if you’re ever unable to make your face to face appointment due to self-isolation or unexpected circumstances, then we can always have an online session instead – no drama llama!


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