Say goodbye to IBS for good!

Overcome IBS symptoms in as little as 5 sessions.


Then Hypnotherapy is it!

Hypnotherapy for IBS is a step-by-step protocol that targets the source of the problem: oversensitive nerves in the gut. Hypnotherapy teaches you how to address this miscommunication between the gut and brain, so you can finally resolve your stress-related IBS.

Studies have shown hypnotherapy provides long-lasting IBS management, and is an effective treatment that can fully resolve stress-related IBS. If you’re looking for an IBS treatment that will provide lasting relief, hypnotherapy is your answer.

This statement from, Tan, G., Hammond, D. C., & Gurrala, J. (2005). Hypnosis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Review of Efficacy and Mechanism of Action. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 47(3), 161–178, summarises it well:

“When evaluated according to the efficacy guidelines of the Clinical Psychology Division of American Psychological Association, the use of hypnosis with IBS qualifies for the highest level of acceptance as being both efficacious and specific.”

Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural way to manage your IBS without having to rely on medication or other treatments that only offer temporary relief.

To be free of something that you have been struggling with for many years – or worse still, a lifetime – could be described as priceless, however I choose to keep my prices realistic as I want to make sure that the therapy I offer is accessible to as many people as possible, so 5 x  90 minute sessions is only £497.