Louise has an inspiring influence on me. She has helped me to see qualities about myself that I hadn’t appreciated, helped turn my negatives into positives and helped me feel more empowered. 
Louise has also been there to encourage me to move out of my comfort zone whilst being supportive and empathetic.


Huge respect and thanks Louise, for speaking with such courageous authenticity. You held your audience in sheer, breathless anticipation and made more than a few of us shed a tear.


I’ve known Louise for many years. She is a great facilitator, mentor and coach. Authentic, bold, creative and empowering, she’ll help you step into your own power.


Louise has given me the courage to be who I am, to explore more of what makes ME happy and to worry less about what other people think (and the realisation that actually, they are probably not thinking about me at all!). I feel more comfortable and accepting of my own skin.


Such a great talk today Louise. Brave, funny, uplifting and empowering, and yes … sisterhood is so important.