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Kinetic Shift

Creating positive change quickly

Kinetic Shift is a powerful rapid change technique that can transform the way you think and feel in a relatively short period of time.

It’s an active, intuitive, dynamic and energising therapy that blends several different techniques to resolve anything from fears and phobias to anxiety and lack of confidence, plus many other conditions.

Once addressed, you are then able to move forward with your life in a calm and relaxed way, alleviating any underlying anxiety caused by negative thoughts, feelings, images and emotions and allowing your mind to focus on making positive change.

How does it work?

Kinetic Shift works by addressing the deeper mind, and not the cognitive or thinking part of the brain that can conceal, suppress or even lie. Because we cannot always express how we feel verbally, Kinetic Shift uses several other methods of communication which can produce transformational results.

In the same way that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy differs to other talking therapies by not requiring you to constantly re-live or re-examine painful events from the past, it’s the same with Kinetic Shift. It may take several sessions, and I may use additional techniques suited to your particular situation, but this holistic and personalised therapy approach will facilitate positive change and allow you to focus on building your ideal future.

Kinetic Shift can help you with the following conditions:

Stress and Anxiety


Low Mood

Low Confidence / Self-Esteem

Menopause / Midlife

OCD Behaviour

Need help with something else?

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