Menopause Awareness Training

Making the menopause work


‘Making the Menopause Work’ sessions are designed to provide you and your staff an insight into the physical and psychological effects the menopause can bring. They’re suitable for both men and women of all ages, employees and employers and provide a relaxed yet informative way of learning how to support and / or deal with the many challenges women face during the menopause years.

Although I cover some serious topics, I have designed the sessions to be light-hearted, interactive yet educational and informative, but perhaps most importantly, the training encourages honest and open conversations about the menopause, helps to break down barriers and shows women they don’t have to suffer in silence any more. These sessions are usually delivered in-person, but due to Covid-19, I am currently in the process of turning my in-person training into an online presentation. Please contact me to find out more.

What we’ll cover:

o  How does the menopause impact women in the workplace?

o  Basic information about the science of the menopause – what it is and what it isn’t!

o  An insight into the many challenges women face during this life phase – both physical and psychological

o  Discussion around unconscious bias and society’s negative view of the menopause

o  Busting the myths/taboos that surround the menopause

o  Some hints and tips on how to handle some of the most common effects of menopause

o  A brief look at the legal requirements for employers to consider and the importance of having a menopause policy in place

o  Practical guidance on how to adjust the workplace environment


How is the training delivered?

Typically, the training is delivered in person by me at your chosen location {I have a digital presentation so will need a power and AV screen}, but now I am creating an online presentation that can be downloaded. Included in the download will be a worksheet and a list of resources.

How long does the training session last?

Usually an in-person training would take between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the number of attendees and discussion. The online presentation will last for a similar amount of time.

How do I book?

Please contact me through the contact section of my website, or drop me an email at 

How much does it cost?

An in-person training session costs £125 plus travelling expenses from SO32 1LX with max 50 mile radius at the moment. {Please note that a deposit of 25% is required to secure the booking}. The online presentation costs £49.00.

Are you a medical practitioner?

Nope!  However, I am a trained Wellbeing Coach, a qualified Kinetic Shift practitioner and a Student Solution Focused Therapist, studying Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have studied the menopause in depth and have all the relevant insurance and safeguarding certificates required. I do advocate a variety of different therapies, both traditional and holistic, so may signpost you.



If you have any questions, please email