Mindful Smartphone Safaris

Connect with nature, boost your mental health and spark your creativity.

Adventures in Nature


Harness the magic of nature and the power of your smartphone to see the world differently

Imagine immersing yourself in the beauty of nature while also enhancing your photography skills and promoting your mental wellbeing. Or imagine discovering new and exciting ways in which to view the cityscape.

That’s the magic of a smartphone safari.

Combining a guided smartphone safari experience with a mindfulness practice, you’ll learn to see the world differently and capture it through a new lens.

Whether you’re exploring the city or countryside, each location offers its own unique beauty and opportunities for personal growth and creativity.

As a qualified therapist, I’m thrilled to offer this innovative experience as a way to help you connect with the world around you and find your way back to your true nature.

Join me on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and self-growth.

Participating in a smartphone safari can offer a wealth of benefits for mental health and wellbeing. Here are six ways you can improve your mind and mood by joining a safari:


Feel a greater sense of calm: The mindfulness-based nature therapy exercises used on a smartphone safari can help you to find a sense of peace and calm in your surroundings


Significantly reduce stress levels: Taking part in a smartphone safari can help you to relax and unwind, which can ultimately lead to a reduction in stress and an overall improvement in your mental wellbeing


Enhance your creativity: By learning how to capture the beauty of nature through your smartphone lens, you can cultivate your creative skills and express your unique vision of the world


Improve your ability to focus: During a safari, you can learn how to focus on the present moment, which can help you to develop greater concentration and improve your ability to prioritize in everyday life


Experience a greater sense of connection to nature: Safaris that take place in the countryside allow you to develop a deeper appreciation of nature, enhance your connection to the natural world and expand your horizons


Greater ability to notice the little things: Wherever the safari takes place, mindfulness encourages you to see the world differently. You start to notice the little things, developing skills in recognising patterns, shapes, textures and forms in the environment around you … but also encouraging feelings of gratitude as you become aware of things that would ususally go unnoticed.

Investment: from £45 depending on location


It Works

Smartphone Safaris: an immersive experience enhancing your wellbeing and fuelling your creativity

Once you have chosen and booked your Smartphone Safari, you will be sent email confirmation, detailing the time, date and approximate location.

Three days before the Safari is due to take place, you will receive an email confirming the exact location (landmarks and a What Three Words location plus a photo of the meeting place will be provided).

The Safari runs for approximately 2 hours give or take a few minutes. The first 15 minutes are spent setting up your Smartphone. The following hour and 10 minutes or so are the acutal Safari itself.

Although we may not be walking that far, expect to be on your feet for about one hour and forty-five minutes, so comfortable walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing are essential, as is bringing any of your own refreshments for the activity.

The final 20 minutes are spent in a lovely cafe or bar where you can refuel yourself whilst learning how to edit your images using the best free app available.

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