Nature Therapy

Face to face therapy sessions enhanced by nature.

What is Nature Therapy?

Also known as Ecotherapy or Green Therapy, Nature Therapy involves spending time in nature to improve mental and physical health.

Did you know that reconnecting with nature is one of the easiest to do … and it could be just the thing you need.  Nature therapy is an amazing way to improve your physical and mental health, and it’s all about getting closer to the great outdoors.

Studies show that spending time in nature can do wonders for your mind, body and soul, from reducing stress to boosting your mood and creativity.

It can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and it’s been found to complement traditional therapy methods, especially for those dealing with trauma.

Not only will you feel better, but spending time in nature can help you feel connected to something bigger than yourself, expanding your consciousness and helping you put things in perspective.

If you’re living in the city or glued to a screen at home or in the office all day, nature therapy can be especially effective at lowering levels of stress and improving your general wellbeing.

Fancy the ‘Bertha Experience’?

Bertha is my amazing Camper Van and I am so excited to be sharing her with my clients for therapy sessions. With a cool interior and enough mod-cons to make her cosy and comfortable, she offers sanctuary from the bustle and stresses of everyday life and allows my clients to fully disconnect from their everyday life and connect to their own true nature, through nature.

Bertha is based in a peaceful Nature Reserve near Wickham in Hampshire which allows me to utilise the healing power of nature to enhance the range of therapies I offer.

Conducting therapy sessions in this way provides a unique and beneficial experience for both me and my clients. So why not head outside, take a deep breath, and let nature work its magic? 

Some benefits of this approach include:

Access nature: Being in nature has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health, and conducting therapy sessions in a camper van allows for easy access to the natural world.

More welcoming: Some individuals may feel more relaxed in a non-traditional therapy office. It certainly doesn’t have any formal reception and it can seem less far less intimidating than an office clock that’s for sure.

Increased flexibility: A camper van allows for therapy sessions to take place in a variety of locations, and the therapist can adjust their sessions based on client needs and the environment.

Get creative: The unique setting of a camper van in nature can ignite creativity and inspire new ways of thinking, for both client and therapist.

Adventure awaits: Therapy in a camper van in nature is not only unique, but it can also be seen as an adventure that leads to increased engagement and motivation for the therapeutic process and also the gentle expansion of a client’s comfort zone.

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