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Online Group Hypnotherapy

Bringing positive emotional change.

Does online group hypnotherapy work?

The quick and simple answer is YES, but if you’re anything like me, then you might need a bit more information before you decide to take my word for it, so take a look at the list below.


First and foremost, humans and everything in the world around us is made of energy, and when energy comes together, it can connect and become greater than the sum of it’s parts. Which means that when a group of people come together, it can be a very powerful experience, especially if it is a group of likeminded people coming together for a collective purpose.

I’m sure you’ve all been part of an in-person group/event, where you ‘felt’ the energy in the room … where the energy was tangible, and you picked up on what other people were experiencing? Well, an online group hypnotherapy session is no different.

When a group of people, who are all struggling with similar issues, come together for the purpose of finding relief and kickstarting their healing process through hypnotherapy, (either in person or online), it will intensify the effect of hypnosis and the other techniques used – both for the participants and the therapist – especially when the therapist is experienced in creating connection amongst the virtual participants.



You probably already know that most neuro-typical humans are social creatures. One of our greatest fears is the fear of rejection, so one of our most basic human needs is the need for connection with (and consequently acceptance from) others, and from the moment we’re born, we instinctively curate a host of social skills and cues to keep us part of a social community.

In fact, it is so important to the human race to belong, we even have mirror neurons in our brains to (unconsciously) copy those around us to ensure that we ‘fit in’ and are accepted by others.

Why is this? Well it stems from our primitive ancestors and the fact that we were safer and lived longer when we lived as part of a tribe. In those primitive times, if we were on our own, we would have faced a wild and dangerous world … and the consequence of that, would have been a much shorter life!


As many hypnotherapy protocols are ‘content free’, it means that you don’t have to disclose your story, which in turn means that when you are struggling with very similar issues to others, you can experience the specific tools, techniques and protocols that are used in hypnotherapy for that specific problem at the same time and in a group setting – but without having to talk about your personal experience if you don’t want to.

Naturally, there will always be some people who like to share their story which always enriches the group experience and helps other participants realise they are not alone, but no-one is ever required to disclose anything.


4. Show me the money

Now this isn’t strictly illustrating the efficacy of online group therapy, but it’s certainly a beneficial ‘side-effect’.

Running online group hypnotherapy sessions will enable me to help more people at the same time, which means that I can offer those sessions at a different rate than my one-to-one sessions … thereby giving individuals the opportunity to access safe, effective and good quality therapy for a fraction of the cost.

Now – the success of any programme, whether therapeutic or not, is related to the level of investment an individual is prepared to make (both in time and money) which is why my online group hypnotherapy sessions will never be marketed as ‘cheap’ or ‘low cost’; but they are perfect for those with limited residual income who have reached a crisis point and who are ready to invite positive change into their lives.


The last word …

Helping as many people as I can is one of my main motivators, and I’m currently putting together several online group hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety, self-limiting beliefs/lack of self-confidence and stop smoking, so please check back to see when they go live. If you’re already signed up to my mailing list then you will be the first to know, and if not, then you can use the sign up form below! And if you would consider joining an Online Group Hypnotherapy Programme, what would help you? What are you struggling with in your life right now? Please get in touch here and tell me what kind of group sessions you’re interested in or that you’d like see me offer.



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