Fan Fatale


Fan Fatale – a fierce and feisty hand-held fan and a conversation starter! Keeping you COOL, getting you SEEN, and helping you REBEL against society’s negative view of the big M!



Hot Stuff Fan Fatale hand-held fan

**Black and white hand-held fan
**The words ‘HOT STUFF’ emblazoned in bold white ink across a solid black fabric background
**100% eco-friendly black cotton fabric
**Made using traditional Japanese folding techniques (although it is anything BUT traditional!)
**Measures 23cm when closed
**Measures 43cm when fully open
**Comes with own black organza carry pouch
**The coolest way to combat hot flushes and show the menopause who’s boss!


By buying a Fan Fatale you will be helping to spread The M Word, one fan at a time. Thank you 🔥.




Louise x


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