Louise Bowditch

Empowering women to rebel against the mess and muddle of midlife and show the menopause who’s boss.

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Hi, my name is Louise Bowditch, and I am passionate about helping women like you free yourself from anxiety, embrace mid-life and master your menopause mindset. I’m on a mission to revolutionise your experience of the menopause and encourage you to create your most meaningful life by using a powerful combination of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy and Menopause Wellbeing Coaching.

As well as helping individuals navigate this tricky hormonal journey, I also run Workplace Wellbeing sessions to bring a bit of calm and relaxation to a busy day at the office. Obviously these in-person sessions have been put on hold due to Covid-19, but I am able to run these sessions virtually, so if you would like to find out more, please contact me here. 

Here’s some of the things I can help you with:

Liberate yourself from anxiety

Find strategies to cope with menopausal discomfort

Embrace this transition

Master your manopause mindset

Improve your confidence and love the skin you’re in

Create a life you love

Menopause Awareness

I also run Menopause Awareness Training sessions to help employers and employees understand the challenges menopause can bring.  Due to Covid-19, I am currently in the process of turning my in-person training into an online presentation. Contact me here to find out when the training will be up and running.

The Menopause Gets Cool!

Who said the menopause should leave you in a hot mess?

Fan Fatale is a fierce and feisty hand fan that keeps you COOL and gets you SEEN and empowers you to rebel against society’s negative view of the big M. Click below to read the story behind Fan Fatale and buy your very own.