Louise Bowditch

Encouraging women to rebel against the mess and muddle of midlife and show the menopause who’s boss.

Hi, my name is Louise Bowditch, and I am passionate about helping women like you embrace mid-life and master your menopause mindset. I’m on a mission to revolutionise your experience of the menopause and empower you to create your most marvellous (mid) life by:

Dispelling  the mid-life myth that you have to spend the menopause years miserable and medicated

Explaining how mastering your mindset  will impact your experience of menopause

Giving you strategies to cope with menopausal discomforts


Improving your body confidence, and teaching you how to love the skin you’re in

Showing you how to reinstate the fun and joy in your life and encouraging you how to embrace this transition

Proving  there can be life after menopause and helping you create a life you love

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