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Find out the different ways you can work with me …

One of my pet hates when I land on any website is not being able to see the prices of the services I am interested in, so in total transparency I list below the different costs of working with me. Payment is required either at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before a session and can be made either by bank transfer or online payment link.

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognise when we need to invest in ourselves. We are often willing to part with our hard-earned cash for new clothes, the latest gadget, a fancy meal or maybe even some well-deserved pamper time at the spa but really, they only bring temporary relief.


To be free of something that you have been struggling with for many years could be described as priceless, but in these unusual and financially challenging times, I want to make sure that the therapy I offer is accessible to as many people as possible, which is why I am offering lower than normal Covid-19 prices for the foreseeable future.

Single SFH session – £55

Block book 4 x SFH sessions – £210

Single Rapid Change session – £75

Block book 4 x SFH sessions and 1 x Rapid Change session – £275

IEMT sessions coming soon

What happens when we work together?

Whenever you work with me, whether for a single session or multiple hypnotherapy or Rapid Change sessions, I offer everyone a FREE Initial Consultation which lasts about an hour or so. We use this time to get to know each other a little and talk about the reasons you are seeking therapy plus I explain how the brain works so you can start to understand why you are struggling the way you are. You will also receive a free 30 minute relaxation audio recording for you to listen to at home because relaxing and visualising gets easier with practice. That way, if we do go on to work together the relaxation audio will have started to help you before our sessions even begin.

Sessions will last between 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the therapy) but it is difficult to predict the number of sessions required as it will vary depending on the technique used and the issue being treated, but we will discuss that during your Initial Consultation and you are always in charge.

The session itself will consist of some conversation and relevant discussion and then if having SFH, you will experience about 20-25 minutes of relaxing hypnotherapy.

So, if you want to feel better and create positive change in your life, then please get in touch for more information, T&C’s or to book a consultation.

{I operate a Fair Cancellation Policy, therefore a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancelling or rescheduling your appointment. Sessions that are cancelled within 48 hours will be subject to a 10% fee, and those sessions that are forgotten, missed or cancelled on the same day will be subject to a 30% no show fee}

I can help you with the following conditions:

Stress / Anxiety


Low Mood / Depression

Lack of Confidence / Self-Esteem

Menopause / Midlife

OCD Behaviour

Need help with something else?

Then why not book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call with me to find out if I can help?

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