My Story


My life hasn’t always been a funfair … but it has been a bit of a roller coaster.

I’m Louise Bowditch and I’m a Menopause mentor and fixer of mid-life muddles. I’m also the founder of The M Word and Fan Fatale and am a tenacious, coffee drinking, shoe-loving, colour mad chatterbox with a nose for a good gin!

Clients say I have a great energy, I am fun to be with, I am compassionate, intuitive and I always see the positive and I’d say that pretty much sums my ethos when it comes to supporting women through the menopause.

I’ve been on this amazing planet of ours for half a century … but only found my true calling when I myself experienced the menopause. It was as they say, a gift and a curse. I have dealt with and am still dealing with it and am very well placed and researched to support you too!

If you are ready to get in touch and seek the support, you may need then I am a friendly ear and only a coffee away. I offer coaching, workshops and networking groups. Get in touch for more info.

Our life experiences may shape us.

They may teach us.

But they do not have to define us.