Your Kind Words

The lovely things people have said.



I feel as though I’m looking at life through a different lens. It’s incredible!




I just wanted to say how amazing you have been the past few months. You have helped me so much and I will remember our work together forever. Thank you so much for everything xx




Louise is very comfortable to work with and explains things very clearly with a knack of encouraging you to explore your own thoughts in a new light. 




I have not long returned from our family holiday in XXX, and I knew you would like to know that I had an amazing time, with absolutely no medical issues, the first time ever that I can remember!! 


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Meet Steph

Steph has consented to the use of her real name and personal details as she is keen for others to find out the benefits of working with me.

Steph was a 29-year-old single mother of two who was suffering with a severe spider phobia (additionally she stated that she wasn’t fond of any insects). She also disclosed she was struggling with general anxiety and that she had Body Dysmorphia Disorder (BDD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and was also having regular nocturnal visual hallucinations, but after discussion it was clear that she only wanted to focus on the phobia as she felt it was having a negative impact on her daily life.

She was frightened to go into the garden or take her children to the park, and she often had to call on her neighbours for help to remove any spiders that were in her house. She also mentioned that she was worried that her extreme responses/behaviours were harming her two daughters aged 8 and 4.

She’d had 50 CBT sessions previously (yes – you read that correctly – 50 CBT sessions!) and had worked with three other hypnotherapists, one of which used Havening (another Rapid Change Technique using touch) but hadn’t had any long-lasting positive results. Despite this, she was still open, enthusiastic, and fully engaged throughout the process. She seemed to be very motivated to want to change regarding her phobia but didn’t want to actively address her BDD. I did mention that issues surrounding her BDD may come up as a result of the work we were doing, and she accepted that.

In total, Steph had 5 sessions with me – comprising of a combination of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift and IEMT.

A key moment during one of Steph’s sessions was her reaction during the explanation of Identity work. I noticed that she was getting emotional and reacting negatively by saying that it was too hard and that she didn’t understand. However, at that point, I stopped her and asked her when was the first time she could remember feeling like that … and it related back to an incident at school (unsurprisingly connected to her BDD) that we had worked on in the previous session.

Overall, Steph responded really well to our sessions and had a very positive outcome. Her general outlook about life changed significantly – she felt calmer, more positive, happier and was now confident that she could deal with spiders calmly in her home should she need to. She also mentioned that she hadn’t had a ‘BDD meltdown’ (her words) since we started working with each other and that she was sleeping better. She also disclosed that she had lost weight and also stopped one of her OCD related rituals of checking that all the doors and windows 3 times every night which used to take her at least 30 minutes. She checks them once now and then goes to bed!

Here are the updates that I’ve received from Steph since we worked together:

2nd June

Morning Louise. Hope you’re well.

Yeah, I’m still feeling good! Feel good about myself. I’m eating better. I’m happier than I used to be. I’ve even done a few things I haven’t done before ie – went to the casino lol. Always hadn’t because of crowds. And I have this little bit at the front of my house. Only small about 7 ft by 3ft but it grows brambles and vines which in the 8 years I’ve lived here I’ve paid someone to rip it out and bag it up but last week I got my gardening gloves on and just did it myself lol. Felt really good actually. And saved me money lol. It’s little things like that that show I’m a bit of a different person now for the good x

15 June

Of course. I wouldn’t mind what you put even if you wanted to write about my bdd / anxiety/ hallucinations etc and how it was all connected. If these things help someone else reach out for some help, then I’m fine with it xx Looking forward to reading it.

I’ve been to a few garden BBQ’s which was nice. I can still be a bit jumpy when a wasp or something comes near me, but I guess most people are like that lol. Haven’t had a house spider in yet so that’s still to come but I have my spider catcher near my sofa just in case x

14 Sept

Of course. Anything to help someone else. What you’ve written sounds great. Well done!!

Things are still going good too. I still haven’t had a BDD meltdown!! Longest time in almost 20 years!

I’ve had a few people say they have noticed a change in me too. I’m happier. I’m driving a bit further too. Not the motorway yet but I go to XXXXX and took the girls to XXXXX a few weeks ago.

Slow and steady wins the race. I’ve also lost 24lb. I keep telling myself when you start to like yourself you start to treat your body better. And it’s all thanks to you ⭐

20 Oct

Louise I must tell you – my shed got knocked down today and left A LOT of soil, twigs ivy and stuff. I’d been out there for 3 hours bagging it up, until I felt a tickle on my arm and saw a big ass spider crawling up my arm! It was big.

With a big shiny back. I screamed and smacked it off onto the floor. BUT – I didn’t cry lol! My heart went but I was also laughing lol.

I think it was more shock that made me scream, rather than the big spider that was on me lol. But I felt like a different person lol X


When I first met Louise, I was in not in a good place at all and was suffering with a depressive disorder. Louise has been my shining light and helped guide and direct me to living a calmer and happier life. I’ve developed a completely new outlook and it’s really opened my eyes and made me appreciate everything so much more. I feel much less stressed and anxious in my day to day life, as well as looking into the future. Thank you so much Louise, I cannot thank you enough. Really recommend your expertise.


Louise is just amazing, she is so kind and caring and really listened to everything I had to say. We covered so much during my sessions but nothing felt rushed and everything was done at my pace. She has helped me so much and given me life long tools to use whenever I need them. I always felt so relaxed in the sessions and had lots of laughs. It was so special to be able to have some sessions outside in nature and in lovely Bertha. Thank you Louise, you have changed my life.


Blended Transformational Therapy

Louise has been an inspiring influence. She has helped me to see qualities about myself that I hadn’t appreciated, helped turn my negatives into positives and helped me feel more empowered.  Louise has also been there to encourage me to move out of my comfort zone whilst being supportive and empathetic.



I started the journey with Louise with a few issues I wanted to work on and the more time I spent with her, the better I felt. Louise has a lovely, soothing, calm voice and a genuine interest in helping others. I finished the therapy in a far stronger place than when I started it, ready to face any challenges. I now understand that I can feel positive and hopeful, even with the difficulties life continuously throws me. It was a very insightful, peaceful & helpful process, thank you.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Louise has given me the courage to be who I am, to explore more of what makes ME happy and to worry less about what other people think (and the realisation that actually, they are probably not thinking about me at all!). I feel more comfortable and accepting of my own skin.



Had another fantastic Hypnotherapy session today with Louise for my phobia of spiders and I’m feeling so confident and calm in the thought of dealing with them. To think that I managed (for the first time ever) to have the confidence to put a glass over a spider after just 2 sessions is amazing. Not only that, but I’m also finding myself being calm and content enough no not seek them out every time I enter a room.
I can’t recommend her enough, and I would like to encourage any of my friends who suffer from fears/phobias, anxiety, stress, depression or anything else for that matter, to reach out and see just how she can help you. She’s pretty damn awesome.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

I had a smoking cessation session with Louise, just over a month ago. She was very professional and thorough but was still able to put me at ease and I felt comfortable throughout the process. I came away from our session feeling totally different and felt that my attitude toward smoking had been completely flipped! I am now really pleased to say that I’m a non-smoker and have no desire whatsoever to start up again (something I have always struggled with when trying to quit in the past). […] Overall, I found Louise to be friendly, professional and supportive and would definitely recommend her services.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

It was such a pleasure working with Louise. She is so gentle and really takes the time to listen to what’s going on, and then relates the therapy back to those specific challenges. For me, I was looking for help with managing my emotional response to memories of past trauma. It felt like a huge step to open up about my experiences and emotions, but she was incredibly reassuring and eased me into the therapy […] In just a few sessions, Louise helped me to not just halt the emotional ‘throwback’ but I also got the chance to start rediscovering my identity and how I feel about myself. It was absolutely fascinating. I am very grateful to Louise for offering me the tools to help me move forward. Today I am much better equipped to handle memories of the past and the emotions that are associated with them.


Blended Transformational Therapy


workplace wellbeing

I never knew I could relax as much as I did in those 20 minutes! Thank you Louise.



workplace wellbeing

I was very impressed with how quickly I was able to relax in this session and how ready to face the world I feel now. Thank you.


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