Anxiety Relief

Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to freedom.

anxiety relief program

The Abundant Life Programme

Blended Transformation Therapy to alleviate anxiety and take you from chaos to calm in as little as 5 sessions

The Abundant Life Programme is a 5-session programme that uses my unique Blended Transformation Therapy to bring together some of the most effective and powerful rapid change therapies to kick-start your healing process, invite in positive change and find your happy. Side-effects may also include increased feelings of calm, contentment, confidence and peace!

Anxiety relief programme is for you if you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, low mood and the long-term effects of trauma, have spent hours and hours (and probably a small fortune) on talking therapies but you STILL haven’t had your ‘breakthrough’ moment.

It’s for you if you’re fed up with constantly talking about your problem but not finding the solution. It’s for you if you’re feeling stuck, miserable and unhappy. And this programme is most definitely for you if you want more JOY, more HAPPINESS, more CONTENTMENT and more CALM in your life.

Using a variety of tools, techniques and strategies this potent blend of therapies enables you to move forward with your life that will enable you to:


Identify the negative emotions and memories that are keeping you ‘stuck’ so you can get ‘unstuck’ and create positive change


Ignore the self-limiting beliefs and ‘stories’ you have been telling yourself so you can move forward with your life


Liberate yourself from the destructive patterns of previous behaviour so you can make new choices


Build resilience so you can cope with whatever life throws your way


Access your inner wisdom and resources so you can find your own solutions


Be empowered by creating a toolkit of easy to implement and useful techniques to keep you on track so you can live your best life

Investment: £497


It Works

Blended Transformation Therapy – one to one bespoke therapy

There are 7.9 billion people on this amazing planet of ours, and there is only ONE of YOU. You are an incredible, one-of-a-kind, unique human being with your own set of individual circumstances that require an individual approach.

Every person I work with comes to me with a different personality, a particular set of struggles and a unique history … which is why I ensure I tailor my therapy sessions specifically to YOU.

Now, you may have read that I’m old school when it comes to introductions, so I always book in a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call with anyone who is interested in working with me.

We have a chat about what has prompted you to get in touch and I tell you a little bit more about how I work and what you can expect.

A new future is only a phone call away – why not book a chat with me now?


anxiety relief program

During that call we will discuss the different ways you can work with me and whether you want face to face sessions – either in Bertha my camper van or in my bricks and mortar office in Whiteley – or whether location or situation dictate that online sessions are best for you.

Regardless of what kind of sessions you prefer, I always book you in for an Initial Consultation which is conducted online and usually lasts for about 90 minutes. It’s an opportunity for us to get know each other and for you to ask any questions and expand on the issues you would like help with. I explain how the brain works to enable you to understand why you might be struggling the way you are. We also discuss what other therapies I think you may benefit from you as I like to use a combination to ensure a bespoke, effective and long-lasting outcome. I always share a few practical tools and techniques as well so you get relief from the very first session.

Once the Initial Consultation has taken place, we then book you in for your first full therapeutic session and go from there. It is difficult to predict how many sessions you will need as everyone’s circumstances are different, but the Abundant Life programme consists of 5 bi-weekly 90-minute sessions. Depending on the issues and an individual’s circumstances and history, additional one-off sessions are available as are further blocks of 4 or 5.